Sidewalk Cleaning For A Total Clean For Your Sumter Home

Sidewalk Cleaning

When it comes to professional sidewalk cleaning, Eastern Powerwashing is the company to beat for first rate pressure washing in Sumter and the surrounding areas. We take cleaning each and every exterior surface of your residential property seriously, and we always guarantee amazing results once we're done with the job. Cleaner sidewalks will really tie your whole property together and boost your overall curb appeal all year round!

Keep Your Concrete Clean

Keeping your concrete clean, whether it's through our reliable driveway washing or our comprehensive sidewalk cleaning, is incredibly important for maintaining both the exterior aesthetics and safety of your home. Your outdoor sidewalks and walkways provide a very important function, and keeping them well-maintained can help prevent and protect against common issues that materials like concrete tend to face. Here's just a few issues that our sidewalk cleaning service can help solve when you choose Eastern Powerwashing to keep your concrete clean!

Professional pressure washing can help mitigate:

  • Embedded dirt and grime build-up in cracked concrete
  • A slippery layer of residue that can be potentially hazardous
  • Substances such as mold, mildew, and algae
  • Poor drainage and potential water damage due to untreated concrete
  • Old, set-in stains including rust and oxidation

Walkway Washing

When you enlist our sidewalk cleaning surfaces for your Sumter sidewalks and outdoor walkways, you're taking an important step towards overall exterior home maintenance. Walkways are used to, well, walk, and keeping them clean ensures the safety of every guest, friend, and family member who traverses them. Safety isn't the only benefit, though—you'll save time and money down the line if you routinely maintain your walkways and lower the chance of needing costly repairs or resurfacing.

Latests Sidewalk Cleaning Projects

House Wash and Walkway Cleaning in Manning, SC

House Wash and Walkway Cleaning in Manning, SC

Customer came to us with 15 years of mold and algae growing on their brick and vinyl home, as well as their walkway. Our process with detergents and hot low pressure water cleaned the house to a like new look. […]

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