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Roof Cleaning

The roof of your home is one of the most important areas to keep properly cleaned and maintained for many reasons, the most important one being that its job is to keep you and your family protected from the elements all year round. Eastern Powerwashing is the number one choice for Sumter pressure washing, and with our expert roof cleaning service, we can restore and refresh the overall look and feel of your roof in no time. Your roof will thank us after we use our gentle soft washing technique to remove dirt, grime, and other unsightly substances to leave it looking just like new!

Here's just a few amazing benefits of our roof cleaning service:

  • It gently removes various stains while doing no damage to your roof
  • It gets rid of unwanted substances such as algae, moss, mold, and mildew
  • It strengthens and maintains the structural integrity of your roof
  • It primes the surface of your shingles for any further repairs and renovations

Why Roof Cleaning Is So Important

Because your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, it will always be subject to weather damage, various substances, and even discoloration brought on by sun exposure. A routine professional roof cleaning performed by our pressure washing experts can help rid your Sumter area roof of these problems all while protecting against and even preventing further damage throughout the year. The following list contains a few of the issues that roofing is particularly vulnerable to in order to further outline why proper roof upkeep and maintenance is so incredibly important.

Your roof can easily be damaged by:

  • Substances such as algae and moss. While algae isn't particularly harmful in and of itself, it creates the perfect breeding ground for more hazardous substances such as mold and mildew. Moss, while having its own sort of charm, can damage your shingles if left to grow beneath them for too long. Pressure washing helps remove these substances and mitigate further growth and damage.
  • The sun, the wind, and other weather events. Roofing is designed to take a beating from the weather, but when left completely untreated over time, weather damage can lead to the need for very costly repairs or replacements down the road. Routine maintenance can help strengthen your roof and keep its structural integrity intact, ensuring a much longer lifespan.

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